Shajan Djannatian

Shajan Djannatian


Founding Year: 2018

Neostorage has an innovative approach to modern interior design - automatically lowerable modules make it possible to use the storage space on the ceiling.
Our furniture system with a lift mechanism is driven by an electric motor and can be lowered remotely.
Until now, it has been difficult for providers in the up-and-coming market segment of serviced apartments and hospitality to furnish their small residential units efficiently, stylishly and at a good price-performance ratio.
Thanks to Neostorage, additional living space is gained and a better space-use ratio is achieved without any compromises.

Thanks to our modular system, the usage concepts can be designed flexibly.
This contributes to assets to hold its value well and avoids subsequent conversions. Both current and future living requirements could be designed to meet needs.
Neostorage can thus make a contribution to reconciling quality of life, economic efficiency and environmental compatibility.

Our products are made from ecologically harmless materials. In the future we want to go one step further and use sustainably produced wood.
We pay attention to fair production conditions when manufacturing our products.
With its product concept, Neostorage has a strong influence on the future of urban living spaces, as less living space per person is required because the living space is used more efficiently.

Neostorage in einem Satz:

With Neostorage, operators are offered the opportunity to make better use of the available net space in order to offer a better guest experience.

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