Robert Lasowski

Robert Lasowski


Founding Year: 2020

HeyCharge is developing a disruptive communications technology AND platform to enable a fast and scalable rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in indoor environments by simultaneously decreasing costs and improving the user experience.

Today’s smart charging infrastructure is not very well suited for underground environments like hotel parking areas. This is because it relies on a permanent internet connection to the charger and also on the user’s smartphone having a mobile network signal. That fact drives the cost of hardware, installations and operations and also often leads to bad user experience when no network coverage is available.

To solve this issue and enable a mass rollout of indoor EV charging infrastructure HeyCharge created a unique and patent-pending technology that connects smart chargers to the cloud without the need of an onsite internet connection. We call it “Secure Charge”.

HeyCharge - charge offline, pay online!

HeyCharge in einem Satz:

HeyCharge provides a new value add to you hotel or vacation home. Charging will be the new WiFi that guest are expecting and demanding their their host. HeyCharge makes it possible to integrate EV charging experience into Hospitalities by integrating into the Host eco-system incl. Hardware, Apps and backends. Our all-in-one solution eliminates the pain of negotiations and payments for power consumed by your guests. Guests are invoiced and charged for power used to charge their car automatically at the end of their stay -- all included in the HeyCharge Hospitality package!

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