Omar Ghandour

Omar Ghandour


Founding Year: 2022

For the first time, PXNEL has developed a Modular Wall Paneling System by using an innovative structural mechanism that allows quick-click attachment of a diverse range of panel modules on them.

The system consists of a growable open-source grid of electro-structural points which come in two versions: A flat version for existing walls "The Skin System", and "a Block System" to build mobile partition walls on which the panels can also be fixed. The open-source grid is capable of mounting every wall product or panel out there. Tech or non-tech with any function.

The PXNEL catalog continues to grow, providing a completely individual and flexible wall design.
As a result of flexibility, the client saves time, effort, and costs during renovation processes. This is due to the fact that classic wall panels are permanent and renovation requires a lot of effort. The adaptability is enormous and even electrical panels can be installed or replaced with just one click.

With PXNEL, a long-lasting system is installed, with old panels going back into the product cycle and reused. The circular model of the PXNEL system allows 90% of old parts to be extracted and turned into brand new panels.

We cooperate with various, already established panel suppliers and integrate their panels into our system. In doing so, we benefit from the already established customer base of our partners. We also work with various sustainable panel companies. Some of them use recycled materials or work with natural products.

Our product not only makes the renovation process sustainable but at the same time can support other sustainable companies.

PXNEL in einem Satz:

It's surprising how many wall-mounted things there are, yet no trace of a system that unites them in one modular way. For the first time, PXNEL has developed a Wall-mounting / Wall-partition structural system which allows quick-click installation of multi-function panel modules on them with the help of a growable open-source grid of electro-structural points.


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