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The B2B platform for accommodation providers operators to increase occupancy by winning a new target group. Business travellers with vehicles such as trucks, sprinters, vans, buses or cars all have one thing in common: they need in close vicinity to their position a room, a parking space or both for the upcoming night. We did develop loglog for this. We offer available rooms in and suitable parking spaces to our driving users in real-time.

loglog's contribution to more sustainability is multi-fold. Mainly loglog contributes to all pillars of sustainability be it economic, environmental and social.

Economically, we provide an easy to use and swift App for last-minute bookings for our customers; both hotels and drivers. The booking flow provides a fully automated process from sending booking request up to payment. This process reduces the workload at the service desk, accounting and takes the costs for creditcard payments off the hotel. loglog will increase your occupancy last-minute by simply accepting booking requests without language barriers at innovative price model that shares efforts between both users and customers in favour of good fixed business rates.

Environmentally, loglog reduces CO² emissions generated by the vehicles of our users since we will request the hotels just in time when they are required. The booking flow reduces the fuel consumption as we get immediate response from the hotel that a room is needed. No unneccesary stops for asking for rooms at hotels.

Socially, we show appreciation to those how daily work hard for the dailly deliveries (truck driver of all truck sizes). They are on road thousands kilometers far from home for many months without access to comfort. loglog here supports the EU mobility package such that at least every 14 days the driver has to rest in a hotel to gain comfort they deserve. The App liaises between frontdesk and driver and reduces the language barriers.

The B2B platform for accommodation providers to increase room occupancy with ad-hoc booking requests.

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