Kilian Ricken

Kilian Ricken


Founding Year: 2021

Hybrid working! Hybrid Living!

MyFlexHome is the first hotel subscription platform in Germany. Our customers work from home at their favorite location. For their office days, they select a subscription (4 - 12 nights per month) and use a hotel room, substituting a second home they would need to pay for the full month and only use partly.,

Our model helps hotels to reach a new target group and gain a constant occupancy rate. Customers profit from a better mental health due to less commuting stress and can use the new freedom of hybrid working model. Our solution contributes to a better use of living space in metropolitan areas - due to less only partly used living spaces in second homes.

MyFlexHome in einem Satz:

MyFlexHome is the first hotel subscription platform - helping people in hybrid working models to find the perfect hotel accommodation for their office days instead of renting a second home for the full month.

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