Igor Kuzenko



Igor Kuzenko is a computer scientist, he ventured into entrepreneurship by founding a performance marketing agency (btechnology.de) with a diverse focus, one of which was the hospitality sector. Over the past two years, he has been diligently developing a performance AI tool that autonomously manages budgets, expanding far beyond the realms of traditional marketing and recruiting. His deep-rooted interest in leveraging technology propels his company to consistently innovate, providing his clients with AI-fueled solutions.

IN60 is an advanced AI-driven recruitment platform, specifically tailored to assist businesses, especially within the hospitality sector, find the best talent including those from non-traditional backgrounds. By smartly engaging across 50+ various web platforms, IN60 ensures job advertisements find potential candidates rather than waiting for candidates to find them. Averaging 40-50 applications within a span of 4 weeks, IN60 is redefining the recruitment process within the hotel industry, enhancing efficiency, and widening the search for talent.

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