Gina Semmelhack

Gina Semmelhack

Marketing Manager

Founding Year: 2020

The young Hamburg-based company Spacific specialises in the development and distribution of end-2-end developed, scalable AR/MR solutions for industrial applications. The focus: flexible standard solutions for sustainable digitalisation of business processes. The clear advantages of this technology, from better results in less time to greatly expanded possibilities in marketing and sales to the relief of professionals in planning and documentation, are accessible to companies of all sizes via the Spacific Solution Portal as SaaS and PaaS.
Spacific has set itself the goal of making the innovative possibilities created by AR and lidar technology accessible to companies. In addition to the economic benefits, it is especially the sustainability of digital solutions that drives the team: From production to transport to disposal, by using virtual objects, companies save valuable resources and thus show themselves to be future-oriented in several respects.

Spacific in einem Satz:

Spacific is able to provide intelligent, fast and easy 3D modelling of objects and properties for direct further processing. In addition it is the most sustainable option in decision making to use AR-vizualisation instead of prototypes. All technology options are avaivable at one platform: the Spacific Solution Portal as a SaaS business.

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