Eva Balmaks



Northstar (Vision) winkt.
All people turn their present location into a practical and inspiring community.

Mission winkt.
To create a feeling of local belonging all over the world by connecting places, people, and moments
To turn locations into communities by providing the platform that includes everyone and everything onsite

Passion winkt.
We believe that local communities are the best drivers of happiness, sustainability, and health.
We are passionate about giving to people the power to join forces onsite.

Purpose winkt.
Turning locations into communities by designing bold, effective, inclusive, and scalable solutions for individuals and businesses that want to leverage their social capital onsite.

The new Kiez-App winkt.

Winkt connects curious tourists with insider information, working parents with babysitters, newbies in the area with outgoing neighbors, bargain hunters with exclusive offers, exercise enthusiasts with sports folks, revolutionaries with like-minded people, partygoers with their next fiesta, lonely people with a new love, upcoming neighborhood influencers with a hyper-local audience, ditched hosts with spontaneous guests, aspiring local entrepreneurs with new clients, anyone in your neighborhood with you.
Easily accessible, right there right now.

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