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Zaubar UG (haftungsbeschränkt)


ZAUBAR is a Berlin-based startup founded in August 2019 that offers a CMS platform for building immersive augmented reality (AR) tours for content producers, where users discover sights in augmented reality that remain hidden from the normal eye. This allows tour guides or memorials, for example, to develop self-guided & guided city tours in augmented reality that are fun, social and immersive. ZAUBAR enables a sense of time travel where you also learn about history. It works by placing cropped historical images and videos with further information exactly where they were once taken.

ZAUBAR enables the creation, marketing and monetisation of immersive tours for cultural institutions, schools, tour guides and brands with the help of augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

The special feature: with the latest technology, digital content is anchored in the real world with centimetre precision. This makes it very impressive to open time travel portals with historical photos and videos.

With innovative software and hardware formats for self-guided and guided tours, on-site and location-independent in AR live stream, several award-winning projects have been implemented - including "Die Befreiung" (with BR, Prix Europa), "Tagesspiegel 89/19" (Tagesspiegel Berlin).

ZAUBAR is a new platform for every hotel, destination and tourism experience to sustainably connect locals, travellers, and commerce through the power of revealing hidding stories at location with the help of augmented reality.

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