Andreas Søgaard

Andreas Søgaard


Founding Year: 2018

Dripdrop is an umbrella sharing system designed specifically for hotels. We operate across 13 European countries with some of the worlds biggest brands already. Marriott, Hilton, NH, Accor, Radisson and a lot more. Our presence in the German market is fairly limited, but is a market we starting to see growing interest from.

Through our system hotels loose a lot less umbrellas than they usually do as Dripdrop umbrellas in average are used 27 times before disappearing compared to 2-3 times which is more the normal in hotels. Our system is also 99% handsfree for the hotel staff, meaning hotels working with Dripdrop saves money, time and get a lot more sustainable solution.

Additionally we plant 1 tree for every time an umbrella is borrowed, making the whole initiative CO2 positive.

Compared to normal umbrella distributors who are incentified to make poor quality (as it means hotels will have to buy new ones), we on the other hand provide a top quality umbrella as it need to last 10 times longer.

We use rPET polyester as fabric in all our umbrellas containing plastic amounting to 5 regular plastic bottles.

Hotels subscribe to our service, we customise everything for them and provide a yearly report of usage, trees planted and potentially a commission. As part of the subscription hotels never have to think about umbrellas again, we ship them new umbrellas at no additional cost every time it is required fully automated.

We work with more than 200 hotels today and grow about 20-25 new hotels monthly and have yet to have a single customer terminate a contract with us.

I cannot make the Upload work (Nothing happens when I click or when I drag the PDF) - if you would like the material please send me an email and I will attach our material in the mail.

Dripdrop in einem Satz:

Unfolding automated and sustainable umbrellas across Europes hotels.


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