Nico Schefer

Nico Schefer

Innovation Manager

Founding Year: 2016

Prognolite – a Swiss Startup, based in Winterthur, helps the foodservice industry to reduce food waste & improve staff planning via multi-variate time-series forecasting. We give every manager full control over all their restaurant data, anywhere, anytime, in one place using different interfaces to all systems in use. Together with our precise analysis, insights & AI-guidance, planning & managing will not be based on gut feeling anymore. Our statistical and machine learning algorithms learn from sales, weather, vacation, events, holidays, etc. Our data is sparse & noisy. The maxim is: High accuracy is not enough; we aim to understand the phenomena. GreenTech/DeepTech

Prognolite in einem Satz:

Business produce less waste, save resources & increase their performance to be more sustainable & profitable!

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