Heiko Ruf

Heiko Ruf

Founding Year: 2017

Solaga was founded by Ben and Johann in Berlin. The purpose of the foundation is to improve the future through microalgae. The reduction of air pollution and biological energy production are selected fields that are gaining importance in today's world.
With further research, our projects can become bigger. Starting from algae pictures ("Alwe") to current algae walls ("Alwa") we want to go to algae facades.
Our vision is greener and healthier cities.
Likewise, Solaga is focused on the research of algae. For even the determination of the species is estimated to be more than double, although about 200,000 are known so far.
From production for bioplastics, as fertilizer or even just as an additive for cattle to reduce methane emissions, the potential is enormous. We at Solaga, would like to explore it.

Solaga in einem Satz:

To Algaelorate the World!


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