Hans-Christian Stockfisch

Hans-Christian Stockfisch


Founding Year: 2018

Flexvelop offers an embedded payment solution for financing new business equipment right at the point of sale, allowing business customers to rent new equipment fully insured and have the flexibility to buy or return it in a sustainable way later at any time.

In doing so, Flexvelop offers a fast and flexible alternative to the lengthy leasing process by using its patented in-house financing technology to promote a more sustainable circular economy, as returned equipment gets refurbished and is pushed back into the cycle.

Flexvelop started in 2018/2019 with a pure focus on hospitality equipment, to help hotels, restaurants as well as food-trucks to get started and to grow worry free with professional equipment. After Covid hit our business, we expanded into further industries like office-it equipment.
However, our heart still beats for hospitality sector, which is currently getting back on track.

Flexvelop in einem Satz:

Flexvelop helps hospitality businesses to grow in a worry-free way by renting out new business equipment in a flexible and more sustainable way. "Flexed" equipment get automatically insured and returned equipment is refurbished and reintroduced into the circular economy.

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