Casper Larsen Hofman

Casper Hofman Larsen


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Casper is the Founder and CEO at Faundit and although he has a numbers-focused background, he is a friendly guy who loves to see new places and meet new people. He hates doing routine tasks, which is why he automates everything, and he likes to write about himself in 3rd person.

Über Faundit

Lost and Found is a headache - that's why Faundit automates the tedious processes when dealing with lost property to simplify the hotel operation and free up time for hotel staff to focus on more rewarding tasks. We take care of everything from communicating with the guest to handling payment and picking up the prepaid shipment in the reception. More than 400 hotels in 15 countries use Faundit to turn the painful experience of dealing with a lost item into something positive and memorable.

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