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    All questions that I receive by e-mail I will summarize here in this Q&A bullet list. Please ask further questions directly here in this forum.

    1. Is the pitch deck in English oder German?

    Up to you to decide. Both is possible.

    2. Where to send the pitch deck to?

    Send your pitch deck to christian.fiedler@hospitalitypioneers.de.

    3. How long is the pitch deck?

    Respect the general rule of 10 pages max.

    4. What should the pitch deck cover?

    Nothing else than all pitch decks. We are looking at

    - scalable business models

    - which core competences are covered within the team

    - mvp or business case

    - and others...

    5. Who gets access to the pitch deck?

    Only members of our advisory board get access to the pitch deck. The advisory board will nominate 5 finalists for the pitch at Hotel Bayerischer Hof München on October 6.

    6. How long do you pitch?

    You have 5 minutes to pitch your company followed by 4 minutes Q&A live on stage.

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